The Crater
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The Crater:   D/R/E: .8 mile - 720' elevation gain
Hiking Distance Is The Total Length Of The Hike

Most people climbing the steep trail to The Crater on Specimen Mountain hope to see bighorn sheep. Their chances for success are good. Binoculars likely will be welcome, but the sheep may decide to throng 50 feet away or not show up at all. Even without sheep, the trail compacts many fine experiences into a short length. The wet meadow at the base can be an explosion of subalpine wildflower color after the middle of the summer. The cool, damp forest boasts dense stands of mature subalpine fir and Engelmann spruce, where deer are very common. The wildflowers, particularly various paintbrush species, are outstanding at tree line. The view of the Never Summer Range from The Crater is excellent. The trail is closed for part of the summer while the sheeps calve. Check to see when it opens, before you drive all the way out there.

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