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Originally founded in 2002 with an entirely different group of backing musicians, Kaiser and the Machines of Creation have gone through trials and tribulations to get to here, this new beginning.

After two line-up changes, the second of which recorded the bulk of the album, 'Intraspection' in 2008, (the first line up recording 'Possession' among a host of demo's to be included on 'Intraspection'), Paul Kaiser recorded the purely instrumental album, 'Universal Mind' in 2011.

He followed this shortly after with the tribute album - 'The Ronnie James Dio Tribute Album by Paul Kaiser and Friends'. This incorporated a bevy of Australian hard rock vocalists, recorded by Paul in his personal studio.

Around 2011, Paul met bassist, Steve Anderson and have since that time, worked towards the look and presentation that would become this 3rd incarnation.

Paul, a solo writer, had already begun prepping for the current release, 'Flowers and Lies' but it was 2017 before he had wrapped up the writing, and had felt satisfied with the new material and it's subject matter. The new line-up, featuring Simon Timoshenko on drums and Matt Redmond on keys, was put into place and began rehearsing for the studio.

Now 2019 and the consummate work, 'Flowers and Lies' has been produced. Recording commenced in Adelaide over Nov , Dec 2018 and was completed in Jan , Feb 2019 at Ghost Note Studios, South Australia.

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