The Thick Crust Doughboys

Van Nuys, CA

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When did you first get the idea for the band?
A couple of years ago I had some material which I knew was good and should be combined with a few existing tracks in order to create a ''vintage'' country album unlike any out there. I recruited a drummer and lead guitarist and went into sessions.

What was the inspiration for the name of the band?
There was a country band back in the 40's called ''The Light Crust Doughboys.'' The name also sounds very retro to me, a little on the cheesy side, and in the swing mode of Bob Wills.

How do you get your song names?
*Beyond the Grapevine is what follows after you cross over the Grapevine in SoCal into the San Joaquin Valley (aka, country music west).
*Antebellum comes from the song's sound the precivil war, Antebellum era of The South. The song and name just came to me.
*Lightnin' is nothing more than an ode to the great Lightnin' Hopkins.
*Modesto comes from the sound of the San Joaquin Valley.
*The Wagon Train Suite represents the sounds a wagon train would experience as it proceeds through its day in the old west, circa 1880. There are morning, afternoon, evening, saloon and campfire segments.

How did you and the band members meet?
Out west.

When did you know you wanted to do this type of music?
About 20 years ago when I first starting messing around with simple 4track recorders.

Why aren't you in a more modern country band?
Modern ''country'' is not country. It's substanceless slick pop for kids who know nothing.

Where did you grow up?
Milwaukie, Oregon

Did you come from a musical background?
Somewhat. My dad was trumpet player, while my mom's dad was in a traveling family band. Eddy Arnold and Herb Alpert were played constantly around the house. I was also given a dose of country. I recall going to my uncle's home in Oregon City as a kid and always hearing country music thumping out of his basement. Influential.

What instruments are you using?
Mostly bass, drums, electric and acoustic guitars. Some piano, harmonica, steel guitar, fiddle (not violin) and mandolin.

Who are your biggest influences?
Duane Eddy, Lightnin' Hopkins, Merle Haggard, tv themes (Bonanza, High Chaparral). I was exposed to many things as a kid Englebert Humperdink, Eddy Arnold, Hank Williams.

What do you call this genre of music?
It's a species of country I call ''western blues.''

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