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Artist,Producer and Songwriter is making wild catchy rocking tasty, juicy rock ,pop with a bite you can dance 2, sing along with and bang 2.

In writing the music and lyrics Cozmicsoulfire tries to keep it close to herself and her experiences in life. She is a soulful confessional story writer. As artist,,ahe has traversed in a multitude of genres from pop,rock and dance at WE2Are1 and One Man Guerrilla, her compilation album of those two albums merged into the best of in ''The dance and The Love'' re released on all major portals in 2019, to rock and metal at her last album So Gorgeous, she has pioneered in her art.

What Cozmicsoulfire makes is an original take on catchy power rock,popfusion with dance, hiphop and metal with a filmic storytelling poetic scenery touch... belting out ferocious, CLOSE to writing perfect tunes, GREAT guitars PRODUCTION with passionate melodies while distorted power chords ring out the beautiful and unusual compositions and the good rythmic, the terrific guitar, and the magnificent vocals. Sound and very well-kept arrangement in beautiful and long musical journey... refreshingly unconcerned with styles and trends.

Influenced by Ann and Nancy Wilson and Heart, Kate Bush, Patti Smith, Carole King, Melissa Etheridge, Linda Perry and 4 Non Blondes and P.nk, Opeth, Massive Attack and Apocalyptica, but also popsingers and producers like Michael Jackson and Nile Rodgers and Abba. She is a singer songwriter with a big voice and an absolute force to be reckoned with,hauntingly amazing a lady Robert Plant with a Kate Bush alike timbre in her high regions voice and a badass attitude to rock refreshing, vibrant, sexy.

She is one of our most multidimensional artists. With her new single I adore you Dance remix the follow up on het last single is out now on all portals and made through request of her fans to make it a dance remix she is back to her pop and dance roots where she once started out from for a change.

So Gorgeous song ''What it is like'' already has over 7,600,000 plays on youtube and was chosen for the wellknown mattrix mixtape nr.6 fall 2016 out of thousands of submissions. The international jury of WWMC - 4th Edition 2017, has awarded Cozmicsoulfire - What it is like the Honorable Mention for the top five music video among about 600 submitted and is played several times daily together with ''Reptile'' and ''Rain,rain,rain pouring down on me'' which is the So Gorgeous Album single and video as number 1 in dutch top 100 of all genres on november 2016 on the 13 stations of the late 365 Radio Network and lots of other radio stations worldwide. The song and video Reptile had massive radioairplay worldwide and reached number 1 on the dutch metal top 100 on for weeks.

Cozmicsoulfire is number 1 in national rock charts for her country The Netherlands and hometown on Reverbnation for years and a rising star globally.

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