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Think Inside Me hails from the town of Tres Cantos, a part of the Community of Madrid, Spain. Forming in 2005, they made their first appearance as a live band at the Community Festival in Tres Cantos. They continued playing venues in Madrid for several years. In 2009 they entered Studio 25 to record their first EP of three songs ''Bosses'', ''Every Broken Bone'' and ''Nobody Knows''.

In 2010, they participated in the band contest organized by Sala Caracol in Madrid, and also in the House of Youth Festival in Tres Cantos, winning the contest. They shared the stage with the group ''Second'' at the Tres Cantos Fiestas that same year and continued playing in the capital as ''Soul Station'', performing an acoustic set featuring Beatriz Magan (keyboardist and collaborator).

Think Inside Me recorded their most recent EP, Think Inside Me, in 2018 but is a veteran grunge,alternative rock band in the Madrid music scene with Javier Garcia on vocals and rhythm guitar. Their line-up has produced a much more powerful sound with the signing of Oscar Fernandez on drums (Garuda, The Pain Box) and Rafa Saguar on lead guitar (Quaken, Rocket King). Together, with Borja Arriola on bass, the band is looking forward to working on their next CD.

After an extensive tour in Spain this year, the band plans to begin touring in the UK and Portugal as soon as funds permit.

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