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Terry Douglas was born in Cleveland, Oh. The Birthplace of rock n roll. Even though he was born in the rock n roll city, Terry has a county soul.

Terry and his family moved to a small town in NE Ohio, Lodi Ohio. Terry Grew up around music. Everything from Country to rock. He would spend hours over the next several years teaching himself how to play guitar and sing.

Terry joined a metal ban when he was 17 and loved the felling of the stage. That feeling would elude him for a few year however.

Terry starting working right out of high school and his dream would have to be on hold for a few years.

Finally, in 2014 Terry released his first album and began to play solo shows around the state of Ohio. Terry quickly gained a following of folks that would become his DIY support system.

Terry continued to write for the next 3 years and in August of 2017 he released ''Written in the Parking Lot''. He music became a staple on indie radio and online stations across the globe.

Terry's music is a great blend of Classic County with a modern feel. Terry writes about love, heartache, friendship. Terry's songs are a nod to the days when country music made you feel the song.

Terry created the Terry Douglas Band in 2018 and they entered the studio in late 2018. This resulted in the 2019 Release of The Devil you Don't Know'' I collections of songs about Terry's struggles with addiction and pulling through the dark times in his life.

Terry is also booking and touring with his band in 2019 looking to get to the east coast and out to the plain states.

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