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DASHA STAPEN is a young pop star from Russia talented, beautiful, sexy, ambitious - the combination of all features and qualities what each real artist must have. Dasha got from nature unforgettable voice what makes her immediately recognizable. Apart of that everything good what she got from nature Dasha is a very well-educated musician. She finished music college, she is a very good piano player, she sang in chorus and various bands and took part into theatre and musical performances. For several years Dasha was going for classical choreography what later turned up a very good base to become a good dancer.

Dasha started her professional music career having participated into music action ''Music Bridge'' where she attracted attention of the songwriter and music producer Anna C. Nova (ACN Music Production). ''At the first sight and first listen to Dasha's singing I got that she is something very special. She is very natural and has natural talent. Her performing manners don't give an impression that it's all false gold made by the hands of million profis. She doesn't need to pretend that she is a big star or she is better then she is, because she is really great'',- Anna said.

Dasha recorded four singles written and produced by Anna C. Nova. First of them ''I Will Be There (For Love)'' was included to ''Best of Nova'' CD compilation released in USA in 2006. The song highly impressed the listeners with charming Dasha's voice and dynamic tech dance sound. Another single ''Again Again Again'' was inspired by Dieter Bohlen's ''Romeo and Juliet'' became the real breakthrough and attacked top positions of the various pop charts. American songwriter and music producer J D Rachel said ''Everytime I listen to ''Again Again Again'', I am astounded by the energy of this track. Anna's production skills are unmatched and it shows in the dense layering of sounds and rhythms of this incredibly intense track. Dasha punches through it all and takes the vocals to splendid places. Anyone who can resist the urge to get up and dance like a complete maniac must be dead or in a coma''.

A brand new single ''Just One Night'' performed by Dasha is a very original mix of pop, disco, rock and hip hop music. One hardly can find the most catchy and bright dancing pop song what combines so many different styles in one production. ''Just One Night'' is a very interesting piece. I mean, very interesting.. - J D Rachel said. - Nova pulls out more swerves, turns, flips, somersaults, reversals and tricks than you saw at the Olympics gymnastics competition. It sounds very innovative in every respect, harmonically, rhythmically, conceptually. Dasha again delivers a passionate vocal and it seems to me the next step is for her to blaze a trail through the best dance clubs in Europe and leave a trail of broken hearts and loud whispering in her wake''.

Anna C. Nova said ''Dasha has very strong vocal potentiality. It seems that there is no one music style what Dasha can't sing. In her repertoire apart of pop music she has rock and hip hop music, ballad songs, full speed dance as well as classical music. She can start her vocal rehearsals with songs by Michael Jackson and then easily switch over to musical like ''Phantom Of The Opera''. She likes it all and can do that well. Of course we use such a great potential in writing original music for her. That's why the songs written for Dasha are so multi sounded''.

Nother pop song ''Valentine Song (Together With You)'' became the real gift for everyone who likes up-beat easygoing pop dance music as well as for everyone who is in love. ''When the idea to make a Valentine production came to our minds we got a feeling that it must be a special song what can give warmth and tenderness, help everyone to say about love and open the heart to The Only One. - Dasha and Anna said. - Already now we're also thinking over the video story for this song. It must be something magical, some kind of fantasy genre with animation materials. Video animators who wants to collaborate on this project are very much welcome''.

By now Dasha and Anna already got 9 international releases on ACN Music label which is available worldwide. The latest one is very special pop track ''Isolated'' with dub step elements became the most magical song of ACN Music roster ever performed by Dasha Stapen. Special sound effects and cosmic theme put this song in the fantasy genre. Various international AandR managers have already called this a production of a future. ''Isolated'' written, composed and produced by Anna C. Nova was officially release in April and was #12 in power pop chart on Sound Click and at the moment it's #16 in pop chart on Song Vault.

The newest one Halloween holiday EP ''Turn Me Into Vamp Halloween Edition'' was released in October, 14th, 2014. This alternative project, written, composed and produced by Anna C. Nova in not traditional Halloween music manners, is more focused on giving positive feelings to the public.

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