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Destiny Band Oz is the registered name of Australian singer-songwriter-recording artists and musicians, Thomas and Tessa Libreri and was so-named as it seemed like 'destiny' that they met. They are a popular, live, class act, performing ballads, country, rock and soul original music, classics and fun tribute shows at pubs, clubs, festivals and corporate functions for many years, either as a duo or with their full band.

Thomas and Tessa are now based in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia; relocating their family from Kinglake after the horrific, life-changing 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires in which they fought, saved (and lost) friends and neighbours. (Thomas was presented with a Bravery Medal Award by the Australian Governor General for his actions saving a neighbour on that day who tragically passed away 3 weeks later). The realization that life is so fragile prompted the pair to record their first album of original songs they'd written over the years (moreso for posterity than anything else). They then released their first radio single in 2017. Since then they have now recorded three albums, two EPs and have been blessed with multiple #1 chart successes and awards for their music in Australia and overseas.

Albums Changes; Makin Music; Take Me Back in Time; EPs From the Heart; Special Songs

Destiny Band Oz Achievements
*Winners of the Gold Medallion Media Awards for 2018 Best Group or Duo - Tamworth Country Music Festival 2019
*National Tasmanian Independent Country Music Awards Country Band of the Year 2018 *Finalists in 4 categories of the Tasmanian Independent Country Music Awards in both 2017 and 2018, plus a trophy for their 2017 #1 hits (8 x number 1 songs from 10 releases).
*Winners of the Best Indie song in the Clouzine International Music Awards September 2018 and January 2019 *Winner of Best Country Song in the Akademia Awards (USA) March 2019
*Winners of the Overall #1 song on the official Tasmanian chart for 2017 *Finalists in 2020 Australian Independent Country Music Association Awards and in two categories of the 2019 awards
*Nominees in 9 Categories and finalists in 6 categories of the 2019 Independent Singer Songwriter Association Awards (Atlanta, USA)
*Nominees in the Josie Music Awards 2019 (Tennessee USA) and 3 categories of the 2018 Awards *Finalists in the 2018 Australian Songwriters Association Awards;
*1 of 8 finalists in the 2018 ASA Rudy Brandsma award;
*1 of 5 finalists in the 2018 Southern Stars Country Music Awards;
*Finalists in the 2019 Tamworth Songwriters Association Awards and semifinalists in 2 other categories
*1 of 3 Finalists in both 2017 and 2018 Australian People's Choice Country Music Awards

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