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Sydney, Australia

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Franky Valentyn is a much loved, Australian multi award winning Composer, Musician, Artist, overall Musical Polymath and the creative genius behind the 'The Franky Valentyn Project' (TFVP).

In addition to his studio output, Franky used to (pre Covid) average over 250 live performances a year, either solo, as part of The Franky Valentyn Project, half of the Franky and Wendy Duo, performing regular guest spots in other bands or as part of his acclaimed childrens show, 'Fun With Franky'.

Besides his new realise Psychobabble, Franky's previous single releases as TFVP include; Paul Isn't Dead, Breaking Out, Hope for Llewella, tHanks for the Summer, Waltz of the 7 Hills, Gothic Horror and Sara and the albums 'All In A Dream' and 'Life As We Know It'.

In addition he has two 5 star albums 'All In A Dream' and 'Life As We Know It'.

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