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    The Dunraven Inn
2470 Spur 66
Estes Park, CO 80517
(970) 586-6409

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There has been a structure of some type on this location since 1907. The original entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park was right behind us. The Holland Inn was the original name of this building and restaurant, which opened in the early 1930's. After a succession of owners, Neil Quirk purchased the building in 1970. He did an extensive renovation, and renamed the restaurant the Dunraven Inn. Julius Schneidkraut and family purchased the restaurant in 1979. The Schneidkrauts offered good Italian cuisine and operated the restaurant until 1994. Dale and Laurel Hatcher arrived from Tampa, Florida in September 1994 with their three children and purchased the restaurant. We have made many improvements to the building and have expanded the menu to include fresh fish and prime-grade steaks. Tandy Brown became our chef in 1997, and we have several employees who have worked with us for many years. We are especially proud of our staff! You may have noticed all the dollars hanging in the entryway and bar area. We estimate that there are approximately $13,000 in the building. Hanging a bill is supposed to bring luck to the person donating the dollar.

The Dunraven Inn Comments:

     1.  Recently very disappointed after previously enjoying meals there. A new chef, perhaps? Carol

     2.  Great restaurant, great food, great service, I can't wait until we go back! Neal C.

     3.  Way over-priced for the quality of food and service. Stephen

     4.  great wine list, excellent service, large portions, fair prices, perfect for couples or families. Janell

     5.  Everything was lousy except our main entree, we went there on a Saturday night for dinner and it was extremely noisy. Barb

     6.  One of the top restaurants in Estes Park. Tony

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