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Don't Waste Time
2014 Peggy Mann

Category: Rock

Fan Rating

1. Get Out Of The Rain
2. In My Heart You'll Go On
3. Everybody's Tellin' Me
4. Don't Waste Time
5. How Can I Forget You
6. Fill Me Up
7. Sometimes I Wonder
8. It Was You
9. So You Say
10. We're Gonna Be Okay
11. Woman Like Me
12. When The Phone Call Came

2005 Peggy Mann

Category: Rock

Fan Rating

1. Don't Ask (This Old Town)
2. He Tells Her
3. What Went Wrong
4. Left Of Center
5. I Know
6. Colorado Cowboy
7. What If I Told You
8. Humble Pie
9. King Ranch Truck
10. Minnesota
11. Control Freak
12. What Ya Gonna Do
13. She's Getting Ready
14. Sayin' Nothin'

1999 Peggy Mann

Category: Rock

Fan Rating

1. Undercover
2. Advice
3. Tenderness
4. Runnin' On Faith
5. Free Fall
6. I Got A Fire
7. Keep It Inside You
8. If You Were An Angel
9. Fly Megan Fly
10. Fantasies
11. Hold On

Grace Notes
2008 Peggy Mann

Category: Religious

Fan Rating

1. Can't Stop The Downpour
2. Favorite Time Of The Day
3. Riding With The King
4. Forgiveness
5. Daddy I Wish You Could See Me Now
6. On My Knees
7. In The Valley
8. I Seek You Lord
9. This Is My Moment
10. Thinkin'
11. I Remember
12. The Circle Never Ends
13. Hope Of The Harvest
14. I Can't Tell You

It's A Grand Christmas
2012 Peggy Mann

Category: Holiday

Fan Rating

1. Silver Bells
2. Mary, Did You Know
3. River
4. I Have Often Wondered
5. Please Come Home For Christmas
6. Oh Holy Night
7. Labor Of Love
8. A Christmas Song
9. Silent Night
10. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Peggy Mann Comments:

     1.  Great musician and songwriter as she tells is how it is with her words and music. Philip Tulin