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The Drawing Back Of Curtains
2015 Danielle Ate The Sandwich/BMI

Category: Rock

Fan Rating

1. Where There Is Light
2. The Drawing Back Of Curtains
3. Coming Back Down
4. Change For The Better
5. Morning Glories
6. Then Something Happened
7. What I Needed
8. Still By Your Side
9. Caught In A Moment
10. You Were My Home
11. Something Different

Like A King
2012 Danielle Ate The Sandwich/BMI

Category: Folk

Fan Rating

1. Faith In A Man
2. Indiana
3. Like A King
4. Pet Store
5. Bright Flashes
6. The Have Nots
7. Women Who Loved You
8. Some Other Girl
9. What You Were
10. Evolution
11. Men I Never Knew
12. Letter To The President
13. When Our Parents Die

Two Bedroom Apartment
2010 Danielle Ate The Sandwich/BMI

Category: Indie

Fan Rating

1. Two Bedroom Apartment
2. Where The Good Ones Go
3. El Paso
4. First Taste
5. 17 And 53
6. Public Property
7. Soldier
8. Fool
9. The Doctors
10. We Are Hot Dogs
11. Silver And Gold
12. Canada
13. American Dream

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