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Mending Fences
2017 Fence Row Records

Category: Country

Fan Rating

1. Daddy's Words
2. When You Send An Angel A Letter
3. Mending Fences
4. In Over My Heart
5. Crazy Man
6. Back In Love Again (Duet)
7. Cut And Paste
8. Think And Drive
9. Worth Saving
10. Things You Shouldn't Do
11. Knock Three Times
12. Country Music Isn't Country Anymore

Think I'll Carry It On
2019 Fence Row Records

Category: Country

Fan Rating

1. We're American Proud
2. Love Tattoo With Ronnie McDowell
3. Pray On The Radio
4. Another Honky Tonk Song With Leona Williams
5. You Can't Stay Here
6. The Old Feed Store
7. Back In 1953
8. Keyboard Cowboy With Donna Lynch
9. Fast Times And Easy Money
10. Daddy's Guitar
11. One Breath Away
12. They Don't Play 'Em Like That

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