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2008 CSFdeepinnerMusic

Category: Rock

Fan Rating

1. Baby Come Here
2. Woman....You Drive Me Crazy
3. I Want You With Me
4. Living In A Darknight
5. Give Me
6. Poison
7. Look At Me (understand me now)
8. I Got It Bad
9. Gonna Be A Long Long Time
10. Almost Under My Skin
11. I Don't Fall In Love Easy
12. You And Me
13. Naked In Hell
14. Baby Baby
15. True Love

So Gorgeous
2015 CSFdeepinnerMusic/Musik & Film

Category: Pop

Fan Rating

1. Reptile
2. Haunting Me
3. This Is Life
4. So Gorgeous
5. What It Is Like
6. Rain, Rain, Rain Pouring Down On Me
7. I Lie To Myself
8. The Queen
9. I Don't Sing Sweet Songs
10. Let The Demon Out
11. Womans Gotto Do What A Womans Gotto Do
12. I Can Do It Now

They Don't Care (about you)
2018 CSFdeepinnerMusic

Category: Pop

Fan Rating

1. They Don't Care (about you)

I Adore You (danceremix)
2019 CSFdeepinnerMusic

Category: Dance

Fan Rating

1. I Adore You (danceremix)

She Makes Me Smile Nanana
2018 CSFdeepinnerMusic

Category: Pop

Fan Rating

1. She Makes Me Smile Nanana

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